Balance is not something you just find, it is something you create.
– Chantel Ryan

Chocolate and Kale is a lifestyle blog where you’ll discover all the fun, interesting and enlightening health and wellness stuff you’re looking for.

Share the real happiness and hardship of pursuing a healthier life.

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Belief in balance is in the name. Kale isn’t something you put up with to give you an excuse to eat chocolate. You have to embrace both, because you need both. Yes, you need chocolate too!

Chocolate and Kale is a healthier outlook on health. Realistic, not perfectionistic.
Light and dark.
Yin and yang.
Pleasure and pain.
Moderation and indulgence.
Chocolate and kale.

It’s time to believe in balance

Chocolate and Kale are our emblems because they sum up our philosophy on healthy living: balance.

Your body knows balance naturally. It has complex internal mechanisms to bring itself back into balance whenever its homeostasis is upset. It happens largely without you being aware.
While your body has an innate homeostasis, the modern world makes it hard to find the balance for our instincts, minds and spirits.

Our culture is always tipping us off kilter. We deny ourselves the pleasures of good food and the good life until we cave into temptation. We binge. Then, feeling guilt and remorse, we swing back to abstinence with crash diets and detox fads.

It’s an exhausting see-saw between too much and too little.

Be nice to yourself

Without balance we make and will continue to make poor health choices.
Is it possible to live in perfect balance all of the time? No, and that’s okay.
Should you focus on balance above all else? No, that’s not how balance works.
The only things you give up when you choose to pursue balance are unhelpful things. When you purposely create more balance in your life, you:

  • Give up guilt.
  • Give up thinking in absolutes.
  • Give up depriving yourself.
  • Give up dieting.

Each thing you give up, frees up more room for love, fun, adventure and curiosity.

Life is short, enjoy it!

Celebrate life in whichever way gives you a lasting feeling of wellness. Feeling good long-term is what Chocolate and Kale is all about.

It’s not easy though. Guilt is easy. Obsession is easy. Swinging from diet to indulgence is easy. Striving for balance takes real effort. It’s a pursuit, not a destination. Like anything requiring hard work, it’s worth it.

It’s time to begin

Once you start making sustainable “health-style” changes, you’ll feel good more often, you’ll get sick less often, you’ll live in an overall sense of balance and harmony.
Best of all, once you start, you gain momentum and making healthier choices becomes easier and easier.

I’m on the journey to balance too. Come with me! Click a link. Read an article. Send a message.

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